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Men's Dress Shoes

Details, done right. Dress shoes for the discerning Calibre man, our collection of patent leather lace-ups, derby oxfords and wingtip brogues are sure to make an impact for your next event or big day.


How to keep your shoes looking clean and fresh

It is important that you clean and look after the leather of your shoes if you want them to stay looking as good as the day you purchased them. With the correct care, your leather shoes will last you for years to come.

We created our own Calibre leather cleaning kit that you can use to keep your shoes in pristine condition. The kit contains a polishing cloth, neutral shoe cream, black shoe cream, and a buffing brush.

To use this kit, you should first use your polishing cloth to gently remove any dust from your leather shoes. Next, you should take the small end of your buffing brush and dip it into the appropriate shoe cream for your shoe. If your shoes are black you should use the black shoe cream and if your shoes are any other colour, it’s best to use the neutral shoe cream. You should apply the shoe cream onto your shoe using circular motions, being careful to avoid any stitching, indents or perforations, as it will be hard to remove the cream from these areas. You should then let the cream dry for around 10 minutes. Once the cream has dried it is time to buff the cream into the shoe with small circular motions using the long end of the buffing brush. Finally, to add high shine to your shoe, you can take your polishing cloth and rub the whole shoe in small, fast, circular motions.

Ensure you use your leather cleaning kit regularly to keep your shoes in prime condition.

If you find that you need a quick fix for your shoes you can use our instant shine cream. This will not protect or condition the leather of your dress shoes but if you are in a rush it can quickly clean and shine your shoes. To use it you should gently press and wipe the sponge over the leather evenly and then buff lightly. This is a perfect quick fix if you notice a slight imperfection or smudge on your shoe on the way to an event as it is small enough to be carried with you and used on the go.

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Modern and timelessly stylish designs made from premium materials is what we’re about at Calibre. No matter which of our shoes you choose,

it is sure to make an impact at your next big event. We take the classics and put a recognisable Calibre spin on them. Whatever the look or style you want to go with, choose to make a statement in your new pair of Calibre shoes.

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