Every shoe has its story, but ours happen to be more interesting than most. Beginning life in the renowned Le Marche region of Italy, our premium handmade footwear crosses the globe, going from the hands of skilled artisans to the feet of CALIBRE customers. You can feel the difference. The quality. The style.


A true example of superior Italian craftsmanship, our handmade boots and lace-ups are made in Le Marche, where shoes are part of the genetic identity. A three-hour drive from Rome, this region of Italy is not only idyllic but also home to the country’s most revered artisanal shoemakers. With several large shoemaking facilities and numerous small and mid-sized workshops scattered throughout the area, it is an epicentre of creation.

Now the largest shoemaking district in Italy, Le Marche began this journey during the post-war period. During this time, many young men turned their hands from land work to craftsmanship, developing their shoemaking skills. Over a century later, these skills have been passed down through the generations and are not only still in use, but highly sought after by the world’s most prestigious labels.

At CALIBRE, we’re proud to work with family-owned companies at the heart of the
Marche shoe district. Creating elegant shoes with an unmistakable Italian style
for nearly 50 years, our partners are renowned for their refined footwear. Today,
the next generation is ensuring these companies remain true to their roots
while adapting and modernising where beneficial.

Commitment and patience are evident in every handmade shoe produced in Le Marche. After all, it takes time to get it right. But not only are these artisans quality-orientated, they’re also forward-thinking, constantly looking for ways to innovate while maintaining the old-world artisanal techniques that make their shoes so special.


Unlike conventional shoes, handmade shoes have the pattern-making and lasting processes completed by hand with no machinery assistance. Naturally, they take longer to make (up to twice as long) and more labour is involved. Thanks to this slower, more methodical process, there is more attention to detail and quality control throughout each step, ensuring the finished product is of the highest calibre.

While conventional shoe patterns are cut by a machine, handmade footwear patterns are expertly sliced by an artisan deftly manoeuvring a knife. This allows for greater control of the leather used as the artisan can work with the natural scars, veins and stretch marks. Adversely, cutting leather on the machine makes it
challenging to control what parts are used.

Like the pattern-making process, the lasting process is also completed by hand for
handmade shoes. An essential step in the shoemaking process, it involves the
use of a last (the wooden or plastic form the shoe is built around), which
gives each style its shape or look. While conventional shoes are placed on a machine that pulls and stretches the leather before securing it, handmade shoes
are expertly worked and shaped by skilled hands.


Every detail of our handmade Italian shoes is expertly engineered for you. Right down to the construction of the sole. An excellent option for premium dress shoes, Blake stitched soles can be found on several of our handmade styles. Using less glue and fewer layers, the Blake stitch construction features a single row of stitching that runs from the outsole through to the insole. The result? A simpler, superior shoe that is light, durable and flexible. In other words, it looks sharp and is extremely comfortable to wear.

Other styles in our handmade collection feature a Blake rapid stitch construction. (No, it’s not just made faster.) This method of construction includes the introduction of a midsole, lending it a thicker, more rugged aesthetic. While less flexible than the standard Blake method, this type of sole is more waterproof and highly durable. The rapid stitch provides a bond around the perimeter of the midsole and outsole, achieving a welted look.

Both Blake and Blake rapid stitch constructions can be re-soled, increasing the longevity of your shoes. Of course, longevity and timelessness have always been at the core of CALIBRE. Invest now, wear always. That’s what we’re about. Premium materials, quality craftsmanship, and enduring style. It’s part of our soul. Experience the difference for yourself with a pair of our handmade Italian shoes.

Italian Harness Leather Boots

Italian Harness Leather Boots

Smooth, soft leather meets rock-and-roll style. These boots are an attitude. A Cuban heel, harness details, metal hardware. All tied together with superior Italian construction. Slip them on and feel the power.

Handmade Leather Chelsea Boots

Handmade Leather Chelsea Boots

Timeless style, traditional craftsmanship. The classic Chelsea boot is re-made by skilled hands. Supple vegetable-tanned leather makes for a buttery feel while a sleek silhouette creates a sharp look. Best on ground.

Grosgrain Patent Leather Oxford Shoes

Grosgrain Patent Leather Oxford Shoes

The ultimate footwear option for formal occasions. Enjoy a timeless Oxford design with a high-shine, mirror finish and chic grosgrain seam details. Sophisticated, sleek, stylish. These handcrafted dress shoes are made for the dapper man.