2020 Calibre suiting has been developed for the modern, stylish man.

Featuring two fits, the Slim or Tailored, to sharpen every man’s wardrobe.

The Slim fit is our slimmest fitting suit, a contemporary style. Softer shoulders, a contoured body, with an internal floating chest piece, so the waist drapes better. The pants are slimmer over quads and calves. This is a signature fitted looking suit, a sharp silhouette.

The bold and bestselling Tailored fit is structured, with straighter shoulders, a broader chest created with a half canvas construction, giving more shape through the front of the jacket. It is a slightly longer jacket than our Slim fit jacket. A power statement.

For this collection, all wool used to create our suits has been sourced from Australia. Australia has the most prized wool in the world. The raw wool is processed by some of the finest mills in Italy. Most of these mills are based in Biella (a region of Piedmont, in northern Italy).

Italian mills' quality are the best in the world, due in part to the Italian water, where the ice from the Alps melts and turns into streams. This water is used to wash the raw wool in preparation for spinning. The freshly-shorn wool, (with all
natural residues and impurities removed) is then spun, and woven into cloth.
This process guarantees the durability and luxurious hand feel of the final
fabric, the benchmark of superior quality worldwide.

Together with the high quality preparation and specialised workmanship, fabrics made in Italy are unique, and cannot be replicated. This process of craftsmanship has been handed down for centuries and generations. It is the foundation standard of Calibre’s suiting.

Calibre was founded on the premise that men of taste should be able to wear a stylish, slim suit that flattered their body, exuded confidence, and was modern and
timeless. Always made of the highest quality fabrics and the best tailoring
possible. We still remain committed to that, every day.

Just for you.

You stylish, well suited man.

(Suit illustration by Angus Carmichael)

The Forest Green Suit is both understated and boldly top floor. Sharp and luxurious in a woven blend of Italian wool, mohair and silk. This suit holds shape through long days in the office or studio.
Available in the Slim Fit, with softer shoulders and contoured body making for a modern silhouette.

The texture of seersucker moves into tailoring in a rich navy Italian technical wool blend. The innovative fabric holds the seersucker construction wear after wear. Lightweight and slim-fitting, designed for everyday durability and style.
An essential, modern statement piece for the forward man.

It’s all about confidence when wearing our Check Suit. Constructed in an Italian wool/linen blend, keeping you cooler through these warm months.
A slim fit, constructed with a floating chest piece, providing an effortless drape from the chest down.

Navy blue business goes to the boardroom. We introduce a deep navy wool, expertly developed in Italy. Luxe and durable for everyday wear, it is new for 2020 in our core suiting collection.
Available in Tailored and Slim Fit suits. We have included a vest to build a three-piece suit, and incorporated a sophisticated tuxedo jacket to compliment any black tie occasion in the stylish man’s wardrobe.