03 Jul 2020

Stylists of CALIBRE Marcello

Meet Marcello, a CALIBRE Stylist at our Melbourne boutiques.

“Style has been a sort of companion that followed me around during my life adventures: has been a way to remember my identity whenever I felt lost, a way of celebrating victories and a way to express internal change in a visual form.”


He’s Italian, which you gather as soon as you start speaking with him, his accent endearing. His innate sense of style is obvious by his curated look, seemingly effortless and comfortable.


Menswear Outfit Navy Suit


“I love the fabric first, how it sits on the body. It’s tech, with a slight stretch, giving it a great versatility and comfort. Easy to wear under a blazer, zipped up and sharp, or understated as a jacket, unzipped with a T-shirt underneath.”


He’s describing the Navy Tech Knit Zip Through, which is a favourite of his.


"I wear it with the Navy Seersucker Blazer and Stretch Cotton Slim Fit Navy pant. All navy, a tonal, modern statement. I keep it casual with white sneakers. Stylish, relaxed and luxurious.”


Marcello Stylists of CALIBRE


"I want to engage with people, to hear about them, to listen to their stories. I enjoy helping them change, giving them confidence when sometimes they don't have it. When they want some reassurances and some style direction. I like to transform people, and to see them respond so positively.”


Marcello Stylists of CALIBRE


He travelled Europe extensively from his youth, then in his late twenties traversed Asia, spending time in Bangkok, assisted in making a documentary about the homeless in Vietnam, and spent time in the fishing villages of Malaysia. Arriving in Australia with a one way ticket, he found love and married in Western Australia, worked with classic motorcycles (another of his passions), and moved on to Melbourne, to reconnect with music, fashion and styling.
He joined CALIBRE.


"Music as well is a great form of inspiration to me, and I listen to every genre from Nick Cave to Hans Zimmer. My dreams are to learn to paraglide and to travel South America on a classic motorbike.”


Marcello CALIBRE stylistMarcello CALIBRE stylists


CALIBRE boutiques are open.
Visit Marcello at our Melbourne boutiques and say “ciao”.