What to Wear to The Tennis for a Grand Slam Look

16 Jan 2020

What to Wear to The Tennis for a Grand Slam Look

An iconic summer event, the Australian Open is a highlight on the seasonal calendar. A showcase of aces both on and off the court, this must-attend event is one that demands a great outfit. Something that’ll keep you feeling cool while also ensuring you look your best is non-negotiable. While there are limited rules on what exactly you should or shouldn’t wear, try aiming for a smart and refined style with an element of comfort. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with our smart-casual outfit ideas. Here’s our guide to what to wear to the tennis to ensure your look is a grand slam.



The shirt is an essential part of any tennis outfit. For a sophisticated choice, keep it simple in a neutral colour and tailored silhouette. In particular, white and light blue styles make great options. If you prefer a bolder look, on the other hand, don’t be afraid to experiment with prints, such as florals and geometric designs. As for sleeve lengths, both short and long can work equally well, so the choice is yours.

For gents who like to play things a little more casual, a polo shirt can also look great. T-shirts, however, are best avoided as they can often look a little underdressed.

What to Wear to the Tennis Shirts

 Geometric Short Sleeve ShirtPolo Shirt WhitePrinted Short Sleeve ShirtLinen Cotton Shirt



Tapered and slim-fit chinos offer the perfect smart-casual look for the tennis. To help beat the heat and keep your look suitably summery, swap your typical navy and black pants for lighter hues, such as camel, white and sage. Tailored pants can also work well for the tennis thanks to their smart and polished appearance. Just ensure they are crafted from lightweight, breathable fabric and team them with a shirt and shoes that are relaxed yet polished to keep your ensemble from appearing too overdressed.

Like T-shirts, jeans are also a little casual for the tennis, so be sure to leave your denim at home.

What to Wear to the Tennis Pants

 Cotton Chinos CamelCotton Chinos SageCotton Linen PantsSlim Stretch Pant



If the weather’s too hot for pants, a pair of shorts can make a fantastic alternative. Of course, not just any shorts will do. To ensure you look dapper as you make your way around the grounds, choose a pair of tailored shorts expertly crafted from premium materials. Perfect for keeping you cool while ensuring you still look smart, tailored shorts are a smart-casual staple for every man. Just remember to team them with a shirt and neat accessories for a polished take on summer style.

What to Wear to the Tennis Shorts

 Seersucker Cotton ShortsStripe Pleated ShortsLinen Cotton ShortsTextured Shorts Khaki


For gentlemen who appreciate a dapper outfit, a blazer can really elevate things. So, if the weather’s not too hot, consider slipping on a lightweight, tailored jacket to complete your look. When it comes to picking the perfect blazer for the tennis, fabric is essential. For the Australian summer, linen can not only offer breathability, but also an on-point aesthetic thanks to its natural texture. Likewise, cotton can also provide an excellent option for tennis-goers. Wool, however, is best reserved for the office and more formal occasions.  

What to Wear to the Tennis Blazers



The Australian Open and other tennis tournaments can be a big day out. As such, it’s important to pick a pair of shoes that not only look great but will also keep you feeling comfortable all day long as you roam from match to match. Loafers and driving shoes make a great option. Pick a premium pair crafted from leather and enjoy the comfort while looking the part in the warm weather. There’s no need for socks here, but if you’re prone to sweaty feet, you may want to try some invisible socks.

If you like to look a little more elegant, lace-up dress shoes such as derby shoes and brogues can also work well. Alternatively, for something a little more casual, white sneakers or smart sandals can look great, but make sure they are clean, smart and stylish.



The right accessories are essential to completing your look and are a great way to personalise your outfit and make it your own. To finish your look with polish, slip on your smartest watch. You’ll also need to add a sleek pair of sunglasses to beat the glare.

If you’re wearing a blazer, a fashionable lapel pin and pocket square can take your look to the next level. While you may be reaching for a tie, it might be best to reconsider your choice. While a tie is always smart, it can be a bit stifling in the heat. Bracelets, however, can look great with any tennis outfit, and a woven belt always appears stylish when teamed with chinos and a shirt. To top it all off, consider adding a smart hat for both a cool look and sun-protection.


Natural Fabrics

When selecting your tennis outfit, it is imperative that you consider fabric. Along with looking appropriately summery, natural fibres and fabrics also offer excellent breathability. Linen and cotton are two excellent options that will help to keep you looking and feeling cool throughout the entire day. Remember, though, the weight of the fabric is also important, so be sure to select lightweight pieces that won’t weigh you down.  


What to Wear to the Tennis – Style Tips

  1. Choose natural fabrics that will allow your skin to breathe, such as linen and cotton.
  2. Opt for light hues and neutral tones.
  3. Select a neutral shirt for a sophisticated look or a printed design for a bolder style.
  4. Look smart in slim-fit chinos or tailored shorts.
  5. Complete your look with loafers and smart accessories like sunglasses and a bracelet.


Now that you know what to wear to the tennis, it’s time to get your look ready. For pieces that’ll keep you looking sharp at the Australian Open, take a look at our New Arrivals.

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