What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

11 Nov 2019

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Standing on the sand with a mojito in hand—what’s not to love about a summer beach wedding? Whether you are on your way to a tropical destination wedding or somewhere sandy closer to home, dressing for the beach while still looking formal can be an arduous task. Read on to learn exactly what to wear to a beach wedding with Calibre.


Beach Wedding Dress Code

Most beach weddings will have one of these dress codes on the invitation which will dictate the formality of the event.

  • Beach formal: Just like a normal formal event, think traditional suit and tie like you would wear to a garden or other outdoor wedding.

  • Semi-formal: Similar to business casual, ditch the tie, roll up your pants and grab a sports jacket before heading onto the sand.
  • Beach casual: Slightly more formal than smart casual, shorts, short-sleeve shirts or long-sleeve shirts with the sleeves rolled up are your friends.

If the invitation doesn’t specify a dress code, play it safe and dress semi-formal for the occasion. You can easily spruce it up with accessories or dress it down when the dancefloor comes out.



Keep it Light

Like most outdoor weddings, beach weddings are at the mercy of Mother Nature, which means you have to plan your outfit accordingly. Heavyweight wool fabric could leave you in a pool of sweat on the sand. Instead, consider linen, cotton, or blends of the two to keep you cool.

You probably already know that dark colours attract heat. So, when it comes to choosing your outfit colours, consider neutral shades or lighter tones. Blue, khaki, cream and of course white are all good options. That being said, it’s fine to wear darker pieces, you just might get a little hot.



What to Wear

Now comes the fun part—choosing what to wear to a beach wedding. Don’t be shy to explore lighter pastels and colours to complement the fun, laid-back theme of the occasion.

  • Suit: A two-piece suit in light blue, cream, beige or grey is a classic, timeless choice for any beach wedding. Pair it with a complementary shirt and you are ready to go.
  • Separates: Always start with your shirt or, if you’re wearing a sports jacket, start there. Linen sports jackets paired with a print shirt or plain white linen shirt create an effortless beach look. If you’re not wearing a jacket, a print shirt or something that makes more of statement adds to the fun beach vibe.
  • Shorts: Shorts are a great option for a wedding on a beach (when done right). Go for tailored shorts with a cuff and team them back with a long-sleeved shirt as opposed to a short-sleeved style as this always looks more sophisticated. Cropped pants that show some ankle are also a good option if shorts are too casual.
  • Ties and bowties: Since the beach is the most casual setting for a wedding, a knitted tie is a good option, or you could forgo the neckwear and instead go for an unbuttoned shirt or go for a collarless shirt.
  • Shoes: With the wedding being on sand, you might not need to worry about shoes. However, if you do, casual styles of dress shoes such as boat shoes and loafers are perfect for the beach. Don’t wear black shoes to the beach, opt for brown, tan, white or other light colours instead.
  • Socks: To wear socks or not wear socks, that is the question. For a beach wedding we would free the feet and go sockless with a loafer, white sneaker or sandal. No-show socks are a good option that will give you the same look but with added comfort.



    Complete the Look

    Although a beach wedding is a more casual affair, it is still perfectly acceptable to accessorise with a pocket square, lapel pin and sunglasses. Just try not to outshine the groom too much.


    Discover Calibre’s contemporary collection of wedding wear now.


    Yours in Style,


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