Tim Robards Talks Suiting

15 Aug 2019

Tim Robards Talks Suiting

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While suiting in the 21st century has changed – enter the suit and sneakers duo - every man needs a suit. Tailoring remains a necessary part of our wardrobe and a dapper choice for so many occasions. For actor Tim Robards, it’s a weekday uniform and something not to be overlooked. Read on as we chat styling tips, pet peeves and perfect pairings with Tim Robards.

What do you look for in a suit?

When looking for a suit you need to dress for the occasion and possibly the weather. That will define the style and colour. I am about being creative and pushing the boundaries, but I hate when people wear a bright blue business suit to a black tie event, for example, or no tie to a lounge suit event. I also want to be comfortable, so I go for a finer thread in summer and a heavier thread in winter. Although fashion has changed a little lately and super fitted styles are not ‘in’, use your shape to your advantage when choosing a suit.


How often do you wear a suit?

I wear a suit everyday as my character in Neighbours is a big wig businessman. I also attend different events for work where I’m judged on my fashion to a certain degree, so I feel the pressure to make an effort. I am not saying I don’t enjoy it though!


How do you style a suit?

Styling depends on the occasion. If it’s more fashion forward I can afford to play around a bit and break the rules with things like sneakers, mixing and matching textures and lots of layering with accessories. Sometimes simple is better and I love wearing a suit, black tee and sneakers. When it comes to the races, it’s important not to forget the race day theme! Another pet peeve of mine is when people wear blue suits to Derby day, which is a black and white dress code. Instead, experiment with a few shades of grey and some nice accessories. It’s about creatively respecting the guidelines but not making up your own set of rules.

 Tan Sneaker | CalibreWhite Sneaker | CalibreEnamel Bee Badge | Calibre

What are your favourite finishing touches?

A pocket square is 99% necessary and you get to decide how to place it; sometimes a small fold is enough. I love a tie bar, and lapel pins enable you to add some personality when you are keeping everything else simple.

 Gunmetal Tie BarBlack Pocket SquareDiamonte Lapel Pin

What is your go-to shirt and suit colour pairing?

You can’t go past a midnight blue slim fitted suit and a crisp white open collar shirt, very Italian!

 Navy Slim Suit Jacket | CalibreNavy Slim Suit Pants | CalibreWhite Shirt | Calibre


1. Black suit or navy suit?

Navy, but it depends on the occasion.

2. Brown shoes or black shoes?

Brown shoes with a blue suit; black with black.

3. White shirt or blue shirt?

You can’t beat a crisp white shirt. Remember to look at the right collar to suit your body type. A wide collar can be good for a man with small shoulders to give width.

4. Tie or bow tie?

Bow tie if its black tie. It’s the one chance you get to wear one, so why wear a tie when you can add some flare. Tying your own is a different story!

5. Plain socks or patterned socks?

Plain socks, just because it requires less brain power when you’re in a rush. Usually I don’t think about socks until the last minute. If you are really prepared, make an effort to make an impact: treat them like cufflinks.

6. Three piece or two piece?

Two piece. If it’s a sophisticated occasion and it’s not too hot, go for the three piece and live a little dangerously!

7. Belt or no belt?

Always a belt, except for with a tuxedo or unless you are going for that 90’s look, which is in at the moment.

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