Reception Ready: Calibre’s Guide to Weddings

08 Mar 2019

Reception Ready: Calibre’s Guide to Weddings

What will you wear on your big day? Whether you’re the laid back husband-to-be or a full blown Groomzilla, your one job on your wedding day is to look really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Step One: Suit or Tuxedo?

Dependent on the dress code, location and theme, there’s a variety of wedding suit options to choose from. Without getting too hung up on technical dress codes, here’s a breakdown on the best suits for a wedding;

  1. The 3-Piece Suit 

A classic suiting option for a groom and his groomsmen, this look can be worn to a formal or smart casual wedding.

 Calibre 3 piece wedding suit

  1. The Smart Casual Suit 

Designed to be worn as a Summer Suit in lighter fabrics and colours, this style is the more fashionable cousin to the 3-piece suit.

 Calibre Forest Green Suit

  1. Classic Tuxedo 

Perfect for a formal wedding, the classic Tuxedo will take you from chapel to reception in style.

Calibre Tuxedo

  1. The White Dinner Suit 

A great way to make a stylish statement on your big day.

 Calibre Ivory Shawl Dinner Jacket

Step Two: The Wedding Shirt

Your chosen suit style and tie (or bowtie) will determine the shirt you’ll wear. To make it a little easier, we’ve got some tips on how to best choose your Wedding Shirt;

  1. If you’re wearing a tux choose a Wing Tip Collared Shirt, and for smart casual or 3-Piece suits, opt for a Spread Collar or Button Down collar option.
  2. For all suit styles, choose a tailored fit shirt that’s made from a high quality cotton for comfort and breathability.
  3. Keep it simple for formal occasions with a crisp, white shirt with no pockets or detailing.
  4. Style your Groomsmen in printed or coloured shirts to help you stand out from the pack.


Step Three: Ties & Bowties

With the ability to define your whole wedding day outfit, never underestimate the power of a really good tie.

  1. The Bow Tie 

Worn predominantly with a tuxedo and dinner suit, opt for a simple black bowtie for the ultimate in style and sophistication.

 Calibre Black Bowtie Calibre Ivory Silk Bowtie

  1. Regular Silk Tie 

A versatile tie that’s best worn with 3-Piece and Smart Casual Suit styles.

 Calibre Jarius Regular Tie Camel Calibre Rogan Regular Tie Calibre Apollo Regular Tie

  1. The Skinny Tie 

Perfect for a more creative look, choose a shirt that has a slim collar over a wide, spread collar for this style tie.


Calibre Bronze Skinny Tie  Calibre Burgundy Skinny Tie Calibre Khaki Skinny Tie

  1. Knitted Tie

A relaxed style that adds texture and individuality to your look.

 Calibre Black Knitted Tie Calibre Melange Knitted Skinny Tie

Step Four: Dress Shoes

Whether you’re off to the beach, a countryside chapel or staying in the city, your choice of wedding footwear is as important as your suit. Here’s our picks for the most stylish and comfortable dress shoes;

  1. Italian Brogues in Black 

A versatile men’s dress shoe that can be worn for formal and smart casual dress codes.

 Calibre Italian Brogue Leather Black  Calibre Italian Brogue Leather Derby

  1. Patent Leather Oxfords 

The must-have shoe for the wedding tuxedo.

 Doucals Patent Oxford Shoe Black  Doucals Patent Oxford Shoe Black

  1. Leather Oxfords in Tan 

A great style for lighter coloured wedding suits.

 Calibre Italian Buckle Leather Oxford Tan Shoes Calibre Italian Buckle Leather Oxford Tan Shoes

Step Five: The Finer Details

A poorly chosen pair of cufflinks or lapel pin can bring down your whole look. Here are our go-to details to complete your wedding outfit;

  1. Cufflinks 

If you’re wearing a classic style shirt, you’ll need cufflinks. For a formal wedding, opt for a simple and sophisticated design.

  Calibre Textured Enamel Bar Cufflink Calibre Pearl Cufflink  Calibre Rigid Bar Cufflink Rose Gold

  1. Pocket Square

The perfect piece to help you coordinate with your groomsmen and bridal party. 


 Calibre Beckham Pocket Square Calibre White Silk Pocket Square Calibre Sutton Pocket Square

  1. Tie Bar

A tie bar will keep your look in-check on windy days.

 Calibre Slim Tie Bar Set  Calibre Slim Tie Bar Set - Gunmetal

  1. Lapel Pin 

If you’re choosing not to wear flowers on your suit lapel, add a decorative pin for something different.

 Calibre Enamel Bee Badge  Calibre Art Deco Lapel Pin  Calibre Origami Flower Lapel Pin

Step Six: Grooming for Grooms

There’ll be photos, and lots of them - so adding a skincare and grooming routine to your daily schedule is a must. Keep it simple at first and start your new skin regime about 3-4 months out from the big day.

Rookie Tip: Don’t panic and head out for a facial the day before a wedding, this can cause a puberty-level breakout that no one needs to see.


Yours in style,




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