The Calibre Man’s Guide to Leather Jackets

11 Apr 2019

The Calibre Man’s Guide to Leather Jackets

A leather jacket might just be the most satisfying garment a man can own. It lasts a lifetime, has timeless appeal and looks better with age – even Albert Einstein backs us up on this one. That’s right, the genius in question once cited the leather jacket as the only coat a man needs, reaffirming it as a solid investment in our books. We’ve done the science and applied his celebrated formula e=mc2 to leather jackets to give you our favourite styles and how to wear them.


Adorned by rebellious and edgy icons over the years, the leather jacket has evolved into a wardrobe essential for the modern man’s uniform. We all know the biker, but the coach jacket is having a serious moment after being refined in leather. It retains the classic design details you’d expect, such as a pointed collar, while zips make it contemporary and cool. Racer jackets are equally easy to wear, flattering and will see you through plenty of adventure.

How to wear a leather jacket:

  1. When it comes to fit, ensure it doesn’t hang below the waist and the sleeves aren’t too long.
  2. The silhouette should be slim but roomy enough to fit a jumper

Calibre Men's Leather Jacket  Calibre Men's Leather Jacket


A suede jacket tends to be lighter than typical leather, so it’s the perfect weight for transitioning between the seasons. Switch up your style with a modern bomber or take the traditional route with a field jacket. The field jacket is an outright classic that has gone through somewhat of a revival since the first cotton versions came about. It’s slightly longer than other styles, with multiple pockets and a concealed placket. How’s that for practicality? A bomber, on the other hand, is a softer, laidback alternative to the more prevalent suede styles. Due to its light finish, it’s a great choice for unpredictable weather.  

How to wear a suede jacket:

  1. Nail your winter look by styling with a slim fit jean and ankle boots.
  2. Wear it over a t-shirt as well as a bulky sweater to take you from the office to off-duty.
Calibre Jade Suede Bomber Calibre Navy Suede Bomber


Every winter our autopilot is set to shearling and this season is no different. Shearling is rooted in a 1970s resurgence meets modern-day gentleman and we’re all over it. Look after your shaggy friend, it’s an investment after all. Store it in a breathable space (never plastic), avoid direct sunlight and get it cleaned professionally – this is no amateur job.

Calibre Shearling Jacket

How to wear a shearling jacket:

  1. Its versatility means you can wear it slim or slightly oversized, depending on the weather and how you want to style it.
  2. We’re wearing ours with a long sleeve top, chinos and sneakers.

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