How to Care For Your Shirts

16 Oct 2019

How to Care For Your Shirts

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Much like a classic car, if you properly care and look after your shirts, they should look great for a long time. Learn the proper ways to care for your for shirts with Calibre.


How to Wash a Shirt

Before doing anything, always read the wash instructions. The last thing you want to do is damage your favourite shirt by washing it at the wrong temperature.

  1. Start by unbuttoning all buttons, including the collar buttons, cuffs and remove collar stays if your shirt has them.
  2. Next, separate your shirts into wash loads of whites, darks (navy and black) and colours, as they will need to be washed separately just in case any colours bleed.
  3. Following the wash instructions, select the right temperature to wash your shirts at. Typically, most shirts should be washed in either cold or 30° on the ‘delicates’ setting. Using colder water will help the shirt retain its shape and colour.
  4. Avoid using laundry detergents with optical whiteners, as these are basically bleaching agents and never leave shirts soaking in a tub of water or wet in the washing machine for long periods of time as this encourages colors to run and white shirts to discolor.
  5. Once the wash cycle is complete, it’s time to dry.


How to Remove Stains from a Shirt

Now and again, we get a bit too enthusiastic with red wine or a bit of take away and we end up with a stain on our crisp shirt. The key to removing stains is to try and remove them as soon as they happen. The longer you leave a stain, the harder it is to remove.


Some of our favourite stain removal tricks for shirts are:

  • For stubborn stains such as red wine, start by dabbing the stain with a damp cloth, the follow up by dipping the stain in fresh soda water. Follow up with stain remover before the wash.
  • The same can be said for most stains but soaking should be avoided at all costs.


How to Dry a Shirt

Air-drying is the tried-and-true way to dry your shirts. Hang them on a wooden hanger straight out of the washing machine, this avoids minimizes creases and let Mother Nature do the work. Although it is possible to machine-dry your shirts for a few minutes right after they finish washing, we suggest keeping them away from the dryer as the extreme heat reduces their lifespan.   


How to Iron a Shirt

Ironing a shirt well is an art form that can be mastered with a few easy steps:

  1. Consider the types of shirts that need to be ironed. Always start with cotton shirts first, as they require a lower iron temperate, then move onto linen shirts which will need the heat increased.
  2. Start by ironing the sleeves of your shirt.
  3. Next, iron the back, paying careful attention to the pleats and shoulders.
  4. Flip it over and iron the front. Be mindful if there are any pockets on the shirt and be gentle around the buttons.
  5. Finish by ironing the collar.


How to Store and Hang a Shirt

Now that you have washed, dried and ironed your shirt, it’s time to put them away. There’s no special tricks or witchcraft when it comes to hanging up a shirt—just use your common sense.

  • Store your shirts away from direct sunlight on sturdy wooden hangers or thick plastic hangers, not cheap wire hangers.
  • Give each shirt a little bit of space while they are hanging up so air can circulate around them.


Shirt Care Tips

Like most things in life, it’s usually better to invest in high-quality shirts rather than skimping out on something that won’t survive the workweek.

Discover Calibre’s wide range of business, casual and formal shirts now.


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