You Deserve Nice Things: How to Care for Knitwear

05 Apr 2019

You Deserve Nice Things: How to Care for Knitwear

When it comes to caring for knitwear, we like to look after it as much as it looks after us. Here’s our tips on how to care for your favourite knits, jumpers and cardigans.

How to Wash Knitwear

Like most styles of high quality knitwear on the market, we use lots of premium merino wool as a core yarn in our collection – it’s super soft, yet durable and has the breathability we need to keep comfortable when we’re on-the-go. Looking after your wool clothing is easy, here’s our top tips on how to wash your knit tops;

  1. Try hand washing in cold water with gentle detergent (wool wash is always a good option).
  2. When washing in a machine you need to always use the delicate/knit cycle (no crazy spin!) and set the temperature either to warm or cold.
  3. Try to not over-wash your wool jumpers, if they’ve only been worn once or twice (unless there’s been a fish sauce incident), you can lay them out flat or hang up until the next wear.

 Calibre Men's Knitwear Calibre Men's Knitwear Calibre Men's Knitwear

How to Dry Knitwear

Keeping the shape and integrity of your knits is the most important part of the drying process, here’s the best way to dry your knitwear;

  1. Wrap n’ Roll - Don’t be tempted to wring out any excess water, instead lay the top flat on a towel and roll up into a jumper-style burrito.
  2. Once all the water has been rolled out, dry your knit top flat on a drying rack.
  3. Keep away from heat (especially the heater) as this will damage the fibres and make the wool shrink.

Calibre Men's Cardigan Calibre Men's Knit Sweater Calibre Men's Knit Sweater

How to Store Knitwear

There’s nothing worse than going to your wardrobe to grab your favourite knit sweater and it’s been damaged due to poor storage. To keep your knitwear in the best shape of its life;

  1. Store your knits in a dark drawer or cupboard in a nicely folded fashion.
  2. Try not to overcrowd the drawer.
  3. If you need to hang up your knitwear only hang lightweight tops and use high quality wooden hangers.

Lastly, always check any garment care instructions before you wash your clothing, especially delicate fibres like wool and cashmere. Care tags can help you get the most out of your knitwear so you can cosy up in style, all winter long.

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