AW18 | The Business of Shirts

28 Jul 2018

AW18 | The Business of Shirts

Since 1989 Calibre has been known for its tailored business shirts that are a superb fit, with a superior attention to detail and outstanding craftsmanship.

Crafted for an effortless style, luxury and comfort for the working day, the fit, fabric and collar have been refined to make it the mainstay of the Calibre man’s working week.


The focus this season is on three styles of collar.

The Classic Collar This staple collar has a narrow distance between the two collar points and can be worn with or without a slim or wide tie using a narrow knot.

Semi Cutaway Collar sits halfway between our Classic and Cutaway styles and works on every occasion.  A half or full Windsor knot tie works best with the wider collar spread.

Cutaway Collar has wider collar points and brings a modern twist to traditional dressing.  A full or half Windsor knot wider tie will work well with this collar , as will no tie at all.


Calibre business shirts are cut from premium quality fabrics sourced from European mills using a unique process that gives both durability and a luxurious hand feel.   We achieve our luxurious hand feel through the unique weave of the fabric and the thread counts we use.

The weave is the way in which the threads of cotton (called warp and weft) are actually put together to make a fabric. The weave not only affects the way a shirt looks and feels, but the way it drapes and how easy it is to iron.

Thread Count is the number that refers to the yarn size such as 80s, 100s, 120s and so on. A higher thread count generally means a smoother, silkier & more luxurious fabric.

We work closely with our mills to develop a range to produce desirable fabrics that are silky and soft to touch.  When working with the mills in producing these fabrics we don’t only consider thread count, as we also take in consideration the weave of the fabric, the ply and the mill that it was produced in are also important factors that all go into producing a Calibre Shirt


At Calibre the ultimate shirt experience starts with the fit of our shirts.

We offer four carefully designed fits to help every customer find an ideal match for their body type and personal taste.

We have designed four different body fits including SlimSlim Tailored, Tailored and Regular Fit.


For a perfectly fitted shirt that is flattering on the body, the Slim Fit range of Calibre shirts are a guys best friend. All our Slim Fit shirts are made with high quality cotton, blended with elastane or elastane/nylon to ensure a close but comfortable fit. Darts are placed strategically in order to shape the shirt to define your waist and remove excess fabric.


The Slim Tailored fit is made for the man who loves a slim fit, but needs just a little extra room. Our Slim Tailored shirts give you the look of a slim fit shirt without being quite so fitted. You will find this fit only cut in 100% Cotton fabrics.


This fit is still tapered through the body but is more relaxed and cut more generously around the chest and waist giving you room to move.  You will find this fit only cut in 100% Cotton fabrics.


This is the most generous fit in the range, but still has a tailored silhouette, meaning it still flatters the body. You will find this fit only cut in 100% Cotton fabrics.


Calibre has an ongoing commitment to social, ethical and environmental issues and has developed a supplier code of conduct that all parties in our process globally are required to adhere to. The EU has some of the highest environmental standards and this results in beautiful products being ethically made.  This integrity is the mainstay of Calibre from concept to finished product.

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