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Unveiling #calibrexcouples 2017

Feb 14, 2017 - Calibre

unveiling #calibrexcouples 2017


What is Calibre X Couples all about?


Lover, brother, significant other. Behind every stylish man is a sartorial companion; a person with an innate understanding of style and detail, who understands the art behind good dressing and how it plays a part in a man’s identity. From Danny and Sandy to Beyonce and Jay Z, history has proven that life (and style) simply is better in pairs.

You’re invited to join in our new campaign, Calibre X Couples (#calibrexcouples) Featuring real-life pairings - be it friends, creative collaborators or stylish influencers - we’re looking for any couples that have the distinct, shared commonality of effortlessly refined style.

Say hello to Olympia Valance and Jackson Gallagher


Olympia Valance and Jackson Gallagher

If there’s a pairing that has the team at Calibre swooning and weak at the knees, it has to be Olympia Valance and Jackson Gallagher. Teaming up to be part of our #calibrexcouples campaign, they’re the power couple to watch (and stalk).

Jackson Gallagher


An actor, film maker and photographer, it isn’t surprising that an eye for detail comes second nature to Jackson Gallagher. His natural affinity for good design gives him the ability to create his own take on things, whether he is out the front or behind the lens.

A love of craftsmanship and sophisticated tailoring is reflected in his wardrobe and, paired with his enigmatic smile, undoubtedly makes him a true Calibre man #calibreman.

Olympia Valance


Born in the nation’s capital of style, Melbourne, popular actress Olympia Valance has become a household name in Australia and the UK. Best known for her role as Paige on Neighbours, her charming personality and unique sense of style has solidified her influence within the fashion industry.

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Show us your #calibrexcouples


 Olympia Valance and Jackson Gallagher

Whoever you may be spending Valentine’s Day with this year, we’d love to see your take on Calibre X Couples. Pay homage to the style influencer in your life by tagging your Instagram posts with #calibrexcouples.

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