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The Perfect Shirt Fit

Oct 02, 2014 - Calibre

When walking down a busy street, a keen eye can't help but spot the men who don't know what sized shirt to wear. Perhaps they are too tight, with buttons bulging around the middle, or too baggy, with excess material flapping about their sides. 

Wearing a ill-fitting shirt can make your all-together polished outfit look a little worse for wear. But fear not, men of Calibre, we have the solution. Learn how to spot the signs of a not-quite right shirt, and how to shop for a perfectly fitted one.


The Tell-Tale Signs Your Shirt Doesn't Fit



Perhaps the most common shirt fit faux pas is having a sea of fabric swarming around the torso. You don’t want to look like you’re 5-10 KGs heavier than you actually are, so don’t let your shirt sell you short! Try to find a happy medium with a shirt that is slimming but comfortable. Remember also that shirts are not supposed to be skin tight - if the buttons are pulling around your chest or stomach, time to move up a size!



When the sleeves start looking more like wings or bagpipes, it may be time to invest in a smaller shirt. To get the perfect sleeve-to-jacket ratio, find a shirt cuff that hits the base of your wrist when unbuttoned. This way your sleeves will sit nicely alone or with a sports coat on top, and it won't look like you can fly away!



The debate over whether you should tuck your shirt in or not will rage on forever, but one must always remember you are wearing a dress shirt, not a shirt dress. When untucked, the hem of the shirt should fall to cover the belt. Don't forget to allow length to tuck the shirt in too!



  • The majority of our shirting fabrics are sourced from some of the biggest and oldest fabric mills in Italy, so you can rest assured that hundreds of years of expertise and heritage go into the crafting of your shirt.
  • In a nutshell, the higher the yarn count, the silkier and softer the fabric. A typical Calibre shirt will range from 80-100 resulting in an excellent level of quality for wear at the office or for play.
  • The popularity of our slim-fitting shirts means that we pay particular attention to the fabric content, ensuring that there the right balance of nylon and cotton for a truly lustrous and luxurious feel.
  • We work directly with the fabric mill’s designers to match colours back to our seasonal colour palette. This uniformed approach allows the differing shades to work as complete outfits. It’s all in the details. 

Our Shirt Fits Explained:

Slim fit – the sleekest cut and our most fitted shape. The slight tinge of elastane provides you with the comfort you deserve and will contour your body perfectly.

Slim tailored fit – the shape is identical to the slim fit with the only exception that the waist area is slightly more generously cut. Want a slim-fitting shirt with a little more forgiving around the torso? This one’s for you.

Tailored fit – not cut as closely as the slim tailored fit but not as generous as our regular fit. A happy medium for a happier you.

Regular fit – a classic fit, generously cut and flattering for gentlemen of all shapes and sizes.


Still unsure about which size you should buy? Head to our sizing guide if you are buying online, or pop instore for some one-on-one advice from our sales consultants.

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