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The Night Out - EAU DE VIE

May 22, 2015 - Calibre

Do you sometimes get to Friday afternoon and need an escape? Sick of the bombardment of emails, calendar reminders and iPhones with alarm clocks? The answer? Eau De Vie.

For those who don’t know it’s there, Eau De Vie is pretty damn hard to stumble upon. Set on Malthouse Lane (right off Exhibition Street), through the inconspicuous wooden door with no signs you will find an alcohol connoisseur’s idea of nirvana.

The charm of Eau De Vie is not its secretive nature, but the way it can transport you back to another era. If Jay Gatsby was to host a do anywhere in Melbourne, it would most definitely be here. Think deep mahogany, plush armchairs, jazzy tunes and waiters donning old school threads. It’s cozy and unpretentious – where emphasis is placed back on conversation and sweet, sweet liquor.

The real show stoppers of Eau De Vie are most definitely the drinks. Headed by Greg Sanderson, the main bar stocks over 700 different variations of alcohol, from whisky (on their 10 page whisky menu) and wine to the most elaborately delicious cocktails found anywhere in the city.

Shall we tempt you further?

Take a look at some of their most Instagram worthy cocktails:

The Versailles Experience (one of their group serves for 4 people or more). Served in a fabulous absinthe fountain this is one for the bohemians out there. Beefeater gin, absinthe, lemon juice, homemade peach cordial, mint and apple make a refreshing tipple that’s yours on tap.

The Espresso Zabaione. Your choice of vodka, rum or tequila, is stirred down with coffee and maple syrup. Layered on top is a saffron & vanilla mousse which they freeze with liquid nitrogen to create a frozen cap. Crack through the cap and enjoy the goods.

Kentucky Kickstarter. Whilst we're drinking this after dinner, the guys down in kentucky are starting their day with it. A modern take on the flip, they mix bacon infused Bulleit bourbon, a whole egg, vanilla ice cream, and bitters. Just about the only creamy beverage socially acceptable for a gentleman to be drinking.

Blistering Banksy. Flamed and served in a crystal balloon, this is a classy yet nutty little number. Scotch whisky, Tio Pepe, mead and toffee makes this both sweet & strong, and reminiscent of a hot toddy. This drink comes complete with a palate cleanser and hip flask of hot water to dilute your toody. Just what to doctor ordered.

Eau De Vie: 1 Malthouse Lane Melbourne VIC 3000

(You can also find them in Sydney at 229 Darlinghurst Road Darlinghurst NSW 2010)

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