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Feb 11, 2015 - The Calibre Man

The year is well and truly in full swing, which means that little date in February is fast approaching. Valentine’s Day always comes with a little anxiety – and that is why the Calibre Man has offered his help. Whoever the special one is, we have the place, gift, and (most importantly) the outfit to pull off the perfect night.


Pulling off a Valentine’s Day with a new girlfriend is a little tricky – too relaxed and it can end in tears (on her part), too over-the-top and it could end in tears (on your part).

Where to go: Somewhere where the atmosphere is light and friendly, but the food is to die for. Our suggestion in Melbourne  – The Town Mouse, or  Sydney – The Cottage bar & Kitchen, Balmain.

What to buy her: Flowers – not roses. Choose a bunch that says ‘you’re cute enough not to have bought these on a whim at the petrol station’, and not ‘get better soon grandma’.

What to wear: Say I am a laid-back guy with a white crew neck and biker jeans, but dress it all up with the timeless Club Navy Blazer and Soft Tan Brogue.



Settling down does not mean slowing down – which I gather you would know if you fall into this category. Since you have found yourself the perfect partner, why not organise the perfect Valentine’s day, and dress like the perfect Valentine.

Where to go: The top of our list has to be Cecconi’s on Flinders Lane, Melbourne. It is beautiful and romantic, without the tacky paper hearts. Then in Sydney - Le Pelican in Surry Hills is perfect for a little French Cuisine.

What to buy her: A voucher to her favourite Day Spa. Or her favourite scent.

What to wear: Unless you feel as though a suit will be more appropriately suited to your dinner reservation, we suggest beautifully cut printed shirts and a pair of tailored trousers. 



So you’re planning on popping the question this Valentine’s Day – well hats off to you! The big moment calls for you to pull out all the stops – something that will make the heart of your lady melt.

Where to go: Paris? But if that is off limits, take her to one of your favourite eateries so you are in a relaxed atmosphere. 

What to buy: Apart from the obvious a hand written card expressing your excitement for her to be your wife.

What to wear: If there is an occasion to don a sharp suit, it is for this moment. The Prussian Blue Suit would be our choice – it’s a stand-out suit for a stand out occasion.


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