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The Calibre Man's Guide to Black Tie

Dec 07, 2014 - Calibre

How to dress for black tie dress code | Calibre



There will come a time in every man's life when you will find yourself opening an invitation that reads, Dress Code: Black Tie. This is the type of event to pull out all the stops, by being your most dapper self, but there are rules steeped in traditon that one must follow to ensure you don't commit any less than fashionable crimes of character.

So how does one dress for a black tie event? The easiest place to start is by sorting out what is, and what traditionallly isn't accepted as black tie appropriate dress. For example, black tie is not formal dress, so leave your suits for the office. Black Tie is also not white tie, which is the highest code of formal attire, so winged tipped collars may be slightly overdoing it. But what does that leave as a black tie suit? We help you nail down every part of your ensemble to ensure you look sophisticated and suave at your next black tie event.

How to dress for black tie dress code | Calibre

Photography by Streetsmith featuring Colin Gold of TheTrendSpotter.



The tuxedo is the most crucial part of your look to get right, but is luckily the easiest. Classic black or a deep midnight blue is equally appropriate, with satin details on the lapel and waist of the trouser.

A tip to remember is that a tuxedo is not a costume - tailoring is key.  The black tie dress code has remained unchanged for many years, so a good quality tuxedo will always be a good investment.

How to dress for black tie dress code | Calibre

Calibre Blu Tux S/C (SOLD OUT) and Noir Tux S/C.



Now that you've for the black tie tuxedo checked, next is the perfect black tie shirt. Traditionally, a black tie shirt is white with front pleated detailing, French cuffs and removable studs instead of buttons. Make sure the front pleats are neat and tight, steering (very far) away from shirts with 70’s ruffles.

How to dress for black tie dress code | Calibre

CalibreBlack Tie Shirt


While the tuxedo and shirt have quite strict guidelines to follow, you can be a little more adventurous when it comes to your accessories. Keep to tradition with a patent black derby, or make a statement in a velvet slipper. Although the colour of your neckwear shouldn’t stray from black or navy, keep things interesting by playing with textures – nothing says luxury like a velvet bowtie. Pocket squares are optional, with white silk being the most appropriate. Add a modern twist to the boutonniere (a single flower worn on the lapel) with the Rose Lapel Pin. Lastly, a beautiful pair of cufflinks is a must, but stick to black, metallic or mother of pearl to co-ordinate with the rest of your ensemble.

How to dress for black tie dress code | Calibre


Top Row: Calibre Velvet Slippers, Formal Cufflink, Porcelain Onyx Pocket Square, and Velvet Bow Tie in Navy.

Bottom Row: Calibre Self Tie Bow, Patent Lace Up Shoe, Prism Sold Bow, and Rose Lapel Pin.

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