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Race Day Tips from Men of Calibre

Oct 31, 2014 - Calibre

The stakes are high on the field – but not only on the track. The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is arguably the most stylish event on the calendar, and it is important you are looking and feeling sharp so you're on your game.

We asked two of this countries most stylish Men of Calibre what will be the winning looks this Spring Racing Carnival.

DJ Andy Murphy says:

“Invest in a great suit. The races provide a welcomed opportunity to dress up and flaunt your fashion style.  This year I’m loving the colour blue and also digital prints to add some flair. Mixing and matching similar colours and patterns can also create an exciting look. Also, never overlook a  good quality fitted shirt. It’s important to compliment a great suit with a great shirt. Shirts and ties should match.  Shirts with a cutaway collar are on trend and help display a great tie.

Accessories allow you to express your individual style. A hat can individualize an outfit . A Pocket Square and a corsage add a splash of color and style to any suit.  Remember different race days have their own unique flavour. Watches and tie clips help tweak an outfit and don’t forget a well matched pair of sunglasses.”

Targa Print S/C and PantSpot Flower Pin, and Marc by Marc Jacobs Iconic Sunglasses

Frank and Scott from Man of Many say:

“You can’t go wrong with a blue suit this season (except Derby Day which is strictly black and white). The shade of blue you select will depend on how daring you are – be bold! Add some flair using items like patterned pocket squares and colourful socks in shades of orange or red.

Finishing an outfit with a good pair of shoes is always important. Don’t be afraid to slip on a nice pair of brogues, double monks or penny loafers in brown or dark burgundy.

Oh and don't forget - Champagne was made to sip not chug. Pace yourself and stay hydrated.”

Ming Blue S/C and Ming Blue PantBurlington Clyde Socks, and Rich Brogue Lace Up

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