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Date Night: The Town Mouse

Mar 10, 2015 - Calibre

Who would ever think a tourist-free haven could be found so close to Lygon Street?

The name "The Town Mouse" is derived from the old Aesop tale of The Town Mouse and The City Mouse – the restaurant being a little of both. They fuse inner city glamour, with suburban comfort and flavours of the country – and boy does it work a treat! The result is impeccable food, the sort of luxury and glamour that will impress on a date, without any trace of pretension.

While their food philosophy revolves around using produce that is sourced from small providers (such as honey taken from a hive on a nearby rooftop), you should not mistake this humble take with simple dishes. Although the menu reads as a list of ingredients, it is the skills in the kitchen that make those little ingredients special. Each dish is as pretty as a picture, and unlike most other ‘pretty as picture’ dishes I have come across, they haven't sacrificed flavour for presentation. 

Inside, the decor is comfortable and relaxed, with just a touch of edge to fit in with the inner city crowd. Take a seat inside if two hours is all you will need, otherwise perch yourself on a table outdoors for an unlimited stay in the sun.

The Town Mouse: 312 Drummond Street Carlton 3053


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