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Sep 29, 2014 - Calibre

I have a question for you.

Do you think it would be acceptable to walk around a bar with your fly undone? 

Or chew with your mouth open in a restaurant?

I’m hoping the answer is a resounding no. Why? The former, because you’re not a caveman and for the latter, it’s simply good manners. Or etiquette.

Etiquette extends beyond simple manners too – the manner in which you wear your clothes carries a degree of etiquette. In this specific case, we’re talking about suit / blazer buttons. Easy, surely? Put the button through the hole? Afraid not, but thankfully there’s an easy method for remembering what to do.

Simple. ALWAYS button a one button suit or blazer. Just remember to unbutton it when you sit down. Al Pacino managed to pull it off in Godfather II, but us mere mortals? Fuhgeddaboudit.

Again, nice and easy. ALWAYS button the top button. Button both, look in a mirror and observe. Doesn’t look or feel right, does it? According to legend, King Edward VII got so fat that he simply couldn’t close the last button on his jacket and waistcoat. To make him feel better about his predicament, the court simply followed his lead and wore theirs with the bottom button undone. Whether it’s true or not, don’t do it.


Slightly trickier territory. ALWAYS button the middle and SOMETIMES button the top but NEVER button the bottom. The middle button pulls your jacket together at your natural waist, the top button is more of an aesthetic decision – I’d personally button both when stood up but only leave the top button when sat down. The bottom button will simply cause your jacket to appear crumpled; especially with slimmer cuts. Think of it as a panic button – one you will never, ever touch again.



So there you have it. Sometimes button the top, always button the middle and never button the bottom – one simple suiting mantra to rule them all. Stay sharp!

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