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AW18 | Suiting Takes Shape

Feb 15, 2018 - Calibre


Calibre have been the authority in contemporary style since 1989.  From cloth to cut, tailoring is at the heart of the Calibre brand.  The signature Calibre suit is modern, timeless and revered for it's meticulous tailoring, premium fabrics and craftmanship. 



Fabrics are sourced from the finest Italian mills, using 100% Australian wool. The season’s colours in core shades of navy, charcoal and black, are offset with seasonal earthy tones to make them the staple of the modern Calibre man’s wardrobe.


Two key cuts have been developed; Tailored to create a sharp-edged, classic silhouette and Slim to create a relaxed, soft silhouette. 

The TAILORED Block is a half canvased suit that gives the structural benefit of a full canvas, as the construction allows the suit to drape naturally over your chest without feeling stiff on your body. With the added benefit of the structured shoulders that is reinforced by a rigid canvas and light padding that spans the width of the shoulder, a structured shoulder boasts a stronger, more angular aesthetic that gives a sharp silhouette.

Suitable for all body types, a tailored fit suit bestows a powerful form, broadening the chest and shoulders.

The SLIM Block is fully fused with floating chest piece, which means that the jacket is constructed with a fusible interlining glued to the wool shell with a chest canvas piece in between these layers.  This allows to contour your body better and the illusion of a softer silhouette.  We have also added a light shoulder pad for a soft structure, to create extra soft silhouette.

Suitable for all body types, the slim fit suit smooths out the shoulders with a contoured cut.


The entire range is sourced from premium Australian wool that is coveted around the world, then milled in Italy using a unique process that gives both durability and a luxurious hand feel.  Calibre has longstanding relationships with Mills throughout Northern Italy, utilising the unique qualities of the water from the Italian Alps to prepare the wool to create premium market leading fabrics.  This process of craftmanship has been handed down for centuries through generations and cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. 

Calibre fabrics are created for everyday luxury.  



The construction of a Calibre suit is the product of classic tailoring techniques developed alongside modern technology to achieve perfect shapes and precise finish. Calibre's signature blocks are manufactured following different processes depending on the choice of fabric. With this traditional tailoring method every detail becomes a personal choice: from the stitching, to our globally sourced buttons & linings. Attention to detail is the hallmark of a Calibre suit. Calibre's suits are designed in Melbourne with considered processes unique to the brand.



Calibre boutiques are equipped with access to industry standard specialised tailors.  Calibre offers an alterations service that can tailor to the most discerning requirements.



SOSTENIBILITÀ (Italian for Sustainability) is integral to Calibre's values.  It is the sense of responsibility, involvement in environmental innovations and frameworks safeguarding the future of sustainable fashion. To make these values even more concrete, the mills that Calibre work with have adopted the ISO 14001 (environmental) and SA 8000 (social ethics) Certifications.



Calibre has an ongoing commitment to social, ethical and environmental issues and has developed a supplier code of conduct that all parties in our process globally are required to adhere to. The EU has some of the highest environmental standards and this results in beautiful products being ethically made. This integrity is the mainstay of Calibre from concept to finished product.

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