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A Guide to Men’s Coats & Jackets

May 11, 2017 - Calibre

how to style men’s coat

How to style the best coat for every occasion

With the colder weather knocking on the door, the inevitable winter wardrobe unpacking beckons. The key to staying snug yet stylish is by finessing your layering game. Forget your pilling, ill-sized winter coat from three years ago, stand out from the sea of black and hastily thrown on beanie-clad crowd with our men’s guide to styling coats and jackets.

Monday to Friday: The Overcoat

leather trim overcoat

Shop the look: Leather Trim Overcoat

Both a functional and fashionable piece, the overcoat is a must-have piece for the colder months. Traditionally crafted from heavyweight materials and in classic colourways from camel to navy and black, the overcoat is a wardrobe essential for the Monday to Friday suit-clad gents. Don’t put that exquisitely made custom tailored suit to waste with just any dowdy winter coat you’ve dug out from the back of your closet.

How to wear a coat over a suit:


  • Test-drive the fit it instore: Bring your suit jacket to the store and try it on with the overcoat, this will give you an indication on how the coat looks, sits, and feels. Make sure the coat isn’t pulling across your back and straining at the biceps; it should also be long enough to cover the bottom of your suit jacket at least.
  • Come to the dark side: Unless you have wads of cash to burn, you should consider buying a coat that is in a darker shade so it will match more of your clothes and will remain a key investment for years to come. Plus, it’ll be lower maintenance.
  • Add a statement: Keep an eye out for bold linings, trimmings and other unique detailing for a less uniform look.

Wine and Dine: The Trench Coat

Suede Trim Trench Coat

Shop the look: Suede Trim Trench Coat

A lightweight, layering staple for transitional seasons, the versatility of a trench coat has it ticking all the boxes when it comes to men’s outerwear. From after work drinks to weekend dates, the trench coat can instantly up-style any outfit with its classic silhouette and neutral colour scheme, from cream to light tan.

How to style a trench coat:


  • Casual street style: Roll ’em up. Exude the chilled factor by rolling up the sleeves of your beige trench coat and teaming with a basic tee or slim fit shirt and cuffed jeans. Keep the look minimalistic with a pair of sneakers or desert boots.
  • Turn up the smart factor: Handy to have on those rainy days, the trench coat can also double up as your rain coat when worn over suits. For a streamlined, refined look, you can opt for a monochromatic theme with a well-fitted and belted style in black. Perfect for the office or for impressing that special someone on the first date.

Work Hard, Play Harder: The Bomber Jacket

Embroidered Bomber Jacket

Shop the look: Embroidered Bomber Jacket

Having seen a cult revival in recent times, the bomber jacket continues to reign supreme in the world of casual men’s outerwear. Turning street style on its head, from old-school satin pieces with Asian inspired embroidery to military styles with patches and sports luxe options, there are countless ways you can work the bomber jacket into your look. Available in a variety of styles, it’s your partner-in-crime for casual drinks with the boys and lazy Sunday breakfasts.

Choosing the right bomber jacket:


  • Keep it casual: It’s your go-to piece for casual occasions. Complete your look with a basic tee, ripped jeans or slim fit chinos and your favourite sneakers. For a fool-proof option, keep your top and bottom monochromatic and let your bomber jacket do all the talking.
  • Don’t compromise on fit: A bomber jacket should fit snug across the shoulders and slim through the sleeves and body, but make sure there’s still enough room for movement when layered over other clothing.
  • Seasonal fabrics: If you want a style to wear for all year round, opt for nylon, polyester or suede fabrics which make for easy transitioning through the seasons. Leather and wool styles are great for winter while satin and lightweight cotton versions are ideal for spring and summer.

Born to be Wild: The Leather Jacket

Navy Leather Biker Jacket

Shop the look: Navy Leather Biker Jacket

Nothing screams ’bad boy’ louder than a leather jacket. Historically a symbol of rebellion, the leather jacket is now a go-to style for both young and old. From moto styles to bombers, a leather piece is all you need to keep you toasty while looking at your sartorial best on off-duty days. A wardrobe addition that you’ll be reaching for repeatedly, discover all the ways you can style a leather jacket.

How to nail your leather jacket look:


  • You get what you pay for: Make your investment worthwhile by choosing a high quality leather that will ensure durability, performance and comfort for years to come. Pay attention to the stitching, lining, detailing and hardware, this will give you a good indication of the craftsmanship that went into the jacket.
  • Try before you buy: Without sounding like a broken record, we can’t emphasise enough that a good fit is key to avoiding a style crime. Complementing your frame, the leather jacket should have the look and feel of a second skin, while leaving just enough room for you to add some layers beneath without feeling like you’re in a straight jacket.
  • Leather in the spotlight: Show off the leather jacket by teaming with a simple outfit. Create a minimalist silhouette by donning all black attire and keeping it sleek. Add a touch of personality with your choice of footwear, from high top sneakers to military boots. Alternatively, ooze effortless cool by layering over a plain tee or oxford shirt with rolled up raw denim jeans.

Top it off with confidence

Cliched, yes, but true nonetheless. While it may take some decent legwork in the style department, the secret to pulling off any outfit is by wearing it with an unquestionable air of confidence. Be sure to watch our latest Calibre AW17 Campaign video starring Jarrod Scott and Bridget Malcolm for further outerwear inspiration.

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