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10 Staples for every Business Man

Apr 01, 2016 - Calibre

1. A Tailored Suit (that is comfortable!)

While the word comfortable might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of a suit, we are here to tell you it should be high on your priority list the next time you need an update. Calibre's Stretch Suits are a great option for the office. Developed in conjuction with one of Italy's premier suiting mills, Italian wool is blended with just a touch of elastane, giving a slightly stretchy result. We wanted to develop a range of men's' suits that you could drive a car in, or work at your desk in, and the elastane in the fabric has just enough give to make movement comfortable. Try the Steel Stretch Wool Suit for a fresh take on the classic navy.

Calibre Blue Steel Suit BlazerCalibre Grey Men's Suit Blazer

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2. Luxe Outerwear & Jackets

A pet hate of ours is hiding a beautifully tailored suit under a old, 'just pulled from the back of your wardrobe' overcoat. It is such a shame! Make sure your outerwear matches the level of sophistication of your tailoring. A classic black trench coat or a navy option is always a great choice, otherwise our new season Classic Mac Coat is a dapper alternative.

Calibre Men's Navy Trench Coat AW16

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3. An Arsenal of Crisp Business Shirts

Once you have ticked the tailored suit box, you must not forget about your business shirt! A versatile collection of plain and patterned shirts can give the impression your wardrobe is vaster than it really is. Pair your navy suit with a bold red and blue check shirt for a Fun Friday look, and maybe switch the shirt for a slim lilac for that important business meeting. Same suit - completely different looks. Fit is an important factor to consider, as it can make or break a really great office look. Unsure which Calibre fit is right for you? Head to our Shirt Fit Guide for more information.

Calibre Blue & Red Checkered Business ShirtCalibre Lilac Men's Business Shirt

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4. Italian Silk Ties

Many men underestimate the power of a really great tie. While small, it is an accessory that can really lift an outfit, as well as adding a little more of a personal touch. Our advise is to start with some basic block colours like burgundy and navy, then slowly add some stripes or polka dots to liven up your look. Quality is really important - you dont want to detract from your lux Italian suit with a cheap looking, or feeling tie. The debate between regular vs skinny is also valid - best to gauge what sits best in the office environment, as well as what shirt collar you planon wearing. Finish the look with a tie bar and you are ready to go to work!

Calibre Burgundy Paisley Silk TieCalibre Navy Striped Silk Tie

Browse our collection of silk ties here.

5. A Statement Watch

While a Rolex is on the top of every businessman's wish list, it doesn't mean you shouldn't treat yourself to a beautifully made watch while you work your way to the top. Calibre are excited to be the exclusive stockists of Paulin Watches from the UK, who design and hand-assemble each watch in their workshop in Glasgow. Made using English Bridle leather, and featuring Japanese Miyota Quartz movement, it is a great addition to your work wardrobe.

Calibre Navy Pilot WatchCalibre Black Pilot Watch

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6. Italian Silk Pocket Squares

Some people question whether a pocket square has a place in the office and our answer is - of course! An Italian Silk Pocket Square is a great way to accent your favourite tie, or make your new shirt shine a little brighter. When it comes to colours, we suggest sticking to colours that compliment, not clash with your shirt and tie. Play with patterns and textures instead, giving an edge to your everyday suiting.

Calibre Red and Blue Silk Pocket SquareCalibre Navy and White Pattern Silk Pocket Square 

Browse our collection of pocket squares here.

7. A Versatile Winter Scarf

Wool scarves are another one of those 'forget about me until you need me' pieces. Investing in a quality, versatile scarf will not only last you a life time, but will ensure it doesn't detract from your overall look. We love navy or black for an understated addition to your wardrobe.


Browse our collection of men's scarves here.

8. A Luxe Leather Bag

You should never have to sacrfice practicality for style, and a Calibre leather bag is the best of both. This season our favourite styles are found in a range of colours, from classic black and chocolate, to more fashion forward tans and burgundy. Opt for the messenger bag with a long shoulder strap, briefcase for plenty of compartment space or the hold-all overnighter.

Browse our collection of men's leather bags here.

9. Patterned Socks

The key to success is all in the details, and socks are a detail that is easy to get right. Opt for a good quality black or navy pair for everyday, and a pair of patterned socks to poke out from under your hem when you want to make a little more of a statement.

Browse our collection of men's socks here.

10. Statement Dress Shoes

If you ever wanted to gauge a man's attention to detail, look at his shoes. Are they polished and taken care of, or are they scuffed and worn? Make sure your shoes are never an after-thought, but rather add an extra edge to your work wardrobe. Our advice? Start with a staple collection of lace ups in black and tan, then add more unique pairs like monkstraps or boots, or pops of chocolate or burgundy.

Calibre Tan Monktrap Men's Dress Shoe

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